3 Core Essentials to a Healthy Spine in Wichita

3 Core Essentials to a Healthy Spine in Wichita

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When your spine is out of alignment, it can cause excessive strain on parts of your spine leading to pinched nerves and/or degeneration.  There are three ways that we evaluate your alignment in our office.  At Optimal Wellness in Wichita, we palpate your spine to feel for the misalignments, we use computer software to look at your posture and we can take x-rays to see the misalignments.

Core Stabilization

When most people hear the word "core" they think of their abs, but it really involves much more.  Your core really encompasses all the musculature, tendons and ligaments that attach to the spine from your knees, up to your head. Core stabilization in Wichita is what protects and defends your spine.

Core stabilization can be broken down into the subgroups of core flexibility and core strength.   If you lack flexibility in your spine, your body can’t move correctly.  This throws off the biomechanics of the spine and leads to compensations and further degeneration. Core strength is what provides support for your spine and helps to keep your spine in alignment.  In our office, we test your core strength and flexibility by performing a functional movement assessment.


Compression on the spine comes from 4 main things: hip, belly, chest and head weight.  All four of these things can cause excessive compression on the spine and cause the spine to go out of alignment.  Hip, belly and chest weight is often a result of being overweight, but head weight can affect everyone.  For every inch your head is positioned out in front of your shoulders, it adds an additional 10lbs of compression to the neck and spine.  This type of posture is very common, especially for those who have a desk job.

One thing that sets our office apart from other Wichita chiropractor offices is we address all three of these core essentials.  We address the alignment of the spine through chiropractic adjustments and posture rehab.  We address core stabilization through our functional training center.  We have a personal trainer who works with our patients to gain core flexibility and strength.  We even address compression on the spine by having a program called 8WW where we can help our patients lose weight.

If you are having back or neck pain and aren't addressing all three of these essentials, then give us a call at Optimal Wellness in Wichita at 316-425-1911 and find out how we can help.

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