Posture Correction in Wichita KS

Chiropractic Wichita KS Posture Correction

Did you know that most of us spend 2 hours or more per day on our smartphones and 5 hours or more on our computers? That adds up to thousands of hours each year where you are putting a tremendous amount of stress on your spine in Wichita KS.

Perfect Posture in Wichita KS

When we talk about perfect posture, we are referring to the particular stance you have when you’re sitting, standing, running, walking, sleeping, and even bending over. Good posture is essential because it helps reduce the stress on your spine and joints, and with gravity pulling you down every day, that’s important.

Poor posture has been linked to several conditions including Tech Neck and even depression. So, how can you determine if your posture is the issue to your aches and pains? Get evaluated.

At Optimal Wellness we provide a comprehensive exam that includes the use of our postural assessment tool. This tool allows us to measure the compression on your spine and determine areas that our doctors need to focus on to reduce your pain and make sure that pain doesn’t keep coming back. Come in to get evaluated today!”

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