Injured in an Auto Accident?

Chiropractic Wichita KS Car Accident

Over 6 million people will be involved in a car accident per year in the United States. That is roughly 17 thousand per day. This is significant because research tells us that those who are involved in a car accident are more likely to have reoccurring pain in the future. So, what should you do if you were in an auto accident in Wichita KS?

Get Help With Auto Injuries in Wichita KS

The first step is to get evaluated, even if you are not experiencing any symptoms following your car accident. This is due to a possible delayed onset of symptoms. Immediately following a car accident, your adrenaline is pumping and can make it hard for your brain to detect pain signals. This can result in pain arising days, if not weeks later. An early evaluation can detect possible injuries to your muscles, ligaments, and/or spinals discs and allow for early intervention to get in front of your symptoms. The longer you wait to get evaluated and receive care, the more likely it is you’ll need more aggressive care in the future and the longer you’ll have to live with those symptoms. Who can help with all of this?

The chiropractors at Optimal Wellness are essential immediately following a car accident due to their ability to perform a complete examination with spinal imaging. This information will allow them to determine the best plan of care to help you heal from your injuries instead of masking it with medication. While medication can provide temporary pain relief, it does nothing to resolve the injuries that are causing your pain. Research suggests that controlled movement following a car accident can not only reduce your pain, but limit scar tissue that forms and may even increase the healing rate. The doctors at Optimal Wellness will focus on improving your movement, biomechanics, and functional abilities, all while reducing your pain.

Bottom line. Don’t shrug off any accident or push your symptoms aside. Come in and get evaluated so we can help you put that pain in the rearview mirror, naturally!

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