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Optimal Wellness is always looking for new innovative therapies that gain RESULTS! Heated Bamboo Massage is the leader of the pack right now in heated therapies. Toss those hot stones to the side and welcome...

Bamboo Bodyworx - Heated Healing in Wichita KS
Where troubles melt like lemon drops...

Heated Bamboo Massage in Wichita KS

Heated Bamboo Massage is an effective new style of massage therapy that promotes deep fascial spreading in your muscles, invigorates circulatory properties to your connective tissue and is an overall grounding or sedating experience. The warmth and repetition allows the tool to melt through to deeper structures without the pain of additional pressure. These tools can be soothing or they can dig deep-you will get to customize each session to your preference.

Whether you want to relax and grow roots into the table or you need specific detail-oriented work to get rid of stubborn pain/tension- Bamboo Bodyworx has over 70 heated bamboo tools for everything from foot work, low back issues, shoulder pain, neck pain, migraines/TMJ/Sinus...

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