Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been nothing but pleased with the service and treatment I have received. Dr Ryan has been extremely informative from the start. I have been in so much pain, my first treatment was Monday, and I woke up yesterday morning with very little pain in my back, my knees, and feet. I am so impressed that after 1 treatment I felt I was moving so much freer in my back. The office is very clean, comfortable and the staff is very warm and caring, just like the Dr’s. I would highly recommend this chiropractic office to everyone."

- B. Resa

"Optimal Wellness made me feel at home from my first visit. Dr Hands explained things to my so I felt comfortable with why I have felt so bad. This is one amazing place"

- D. McCloud

"Just had my very first appointment and they did a fantastic job from start to end. The Physician actually spent quite a bit of time discussing in detail what’s going on and he actually listened and cared about my well-being. Unfortunately, that is very hard to come by these days with many other Physicians. Very clean and comfortable office, zero wait time, and treated with the upmost care and compassion. I am truly impressed and so grateful that I found such a wonderful team of people to help me through all of this. Already looking forward to my next appointment. Highly recommend!!!"

- J. Smith

"Dr. Hands takes the time to listen to your issues, examine you, and come up with a program to get you feeling better again. He and his team are very professional and work with you to get you on the road to recovery."

- Julie H.

"Excellent experience! Dr. Grenier was focused and attentive throughout the appointment. He made me comfortable and spoke in layman's terms so I feel like I learned a lot. Will visit again as needed and will recommend."

- N. Polley

"This is the best chiropractor in Wichita without a doubt! If you're tired of battling with back pain Dr. Hands is an outstanding chiropractor that I would highly recommend to anyone! The entire team is very kind & caring."


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