Inversion Table vs. Spinal Decompression by Hancock Spine & Rehab

Inversion Table vs. Spinal Decompression
by Optimal Wellness

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I have a lot of patients that will ask me if I think an inversion table or spinal decompression therapy would be something that would be beneficial for their back or neck condition. The answer depends on several factors.

First of all, let’s talk about what an inversion table and spinal decompression therapy is. An inversion table involves lying on a table that turns you upside down so gravity can decompress the discs in your spine. Non-surgical spinal decompression is a form of traction where the segments in your back or neck are systematically and continuously pulled gently apart by a computerized traction system.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Both can be effective in reducing lower back and neck pain due to degenerative discs or herniated discs and can prevent patients from having surgery on their spine. The biggest advantage of an inversion table is cost. You can pick one of these up for a few hundred dollars and use it in your home. The biggest drawback to an inversion table is it can be uncomfortable. Hanging upside down and blood rushing to your head isn’t very appealing to a lot of people and shouldn’t be done if you have eye or cardiovascular problems. Also, patients complain that the straps around their ankles are uncomfortable, especially if they have ankle injuries. Spinal decompression therapy is generally much more comfortable for patients and this is a big deal because our muscles will tighten up when we are uncomfortable. When muscles are tightening up, this means that the traction is going to be far less effective. Spinal decompression therapy is also going to be far more effective in treating neck conditions. This is because you can control the amount of tension or traction by a computer where with an inversion tables the further you go away from the feet the less traction or pull you will have.

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