4 Ways To Know If You Have a Pinched Nerve in Wichita

4 Ways To Know If You Have a Pinched Nerve in Wichita

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If you have ever experienced neck or back pain, you’ve probably heard the term” pinched nerve.” A pinched nerve can happen when there are misalignments in the spine causing compression or irritation to the nerve. Many times, this compression or irritation can result from degenerative changes to the discs or the bones in your spine. Pinched nerves are a common occurrence for most people at some point in their lives and should be dealt with as soon as possible to minimize permanent damage to the nerve. Here are 4 indicators that you might have a pinched nerve.

1. Pain – The pain can often start out localized but as it progresses it will often travel. If you have a nerve that is pinched in your neck it can cause pain going down into your shoulders, arms and/or fingers. A pinched nerve in the middle of your back can cause pain to wrap around your torso and make it difficult to take deep breathes. If you have a pinched nerve in your lower back it can cause pain radiating down into your hip or down the leg which is often referred to as sciatic pain.

2. Muscle Spasm/Tension – When a nerve is compressed, the body’s initial response is to protect that area by forming a natural brace. This means the muscles will become hyperactive which can result in muscle spasms and tension.

3. Numbness/Tingling - Some people will feel numbness/tingling instead of pain. Usually this numbness and tingling occurs in the extremities. This can be very annoying and distracting.

4. Muscle Weakness - If the pinched nerve isn’t corrected within a timely manner, then many times you can start to develop muscle weakness. If the nerves aren’t working to make the muscle move, it basically come down the old principal “move it or lose it”

3 Ways we treat Pinched Nerves

1. Chiropractic adjustments - It is critical to restore the normal alignment and motion in the spine so that the nerve doesn’t continue to get pinched or irritated. Once we remove that irritation on the nerve, the nerve can heal again.

2. Massage Therapy - Our massage therapist can work on the muscles that are spasmed or tense to minimize muscular imbalances that can continue to pull the spine out of alignment.

3. Spinal Decompression Therapy – Spinal Decompression helps to stretch the spine to create a negative pressure to pull oxygen and nutrients back into the dehydrated discs. If you have a disc bulge or herniation, this negative pressure also helps to pull the bulge away from the nerve.

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