3 Common Misconceptions About Headaches in Wichita

3 Common Misconceptions About
Headaches in Wichita

Chiropractic Wichita KS Headaches

Even though headaches are very common, that does not mean they are normal.  Headaches are a sign that something is wrong or “off” with your body.  Think of a headache like a check engine light on your car.  A headache is your warning light.  It is important to figure out the underlying cause of your headaches so it doesn’t start to interfere with your life in a very negative way. Top Wichita chiropractor Nathan Hands wants to help you!

  1. Over-the-Counter Medications Treat the Cause of your Headache
    Pain relievers are designed to inhibit your brain’s ability to feel your headache.  This can temporarily give you relief, but many times your headache will still be there once the pain meds have worn off since they don’t fix the problem.  It’s like putting something over your check engine light when it comes on so you don’t notice it anymore.  Covering up the light doesn’t fix the problem but instead just helps you ignore the issue.
  2. Headache Medication Can’t Harm You
    Even popular over-the-counter medications aren’t 100% safe or without side effects.  Sometimes the side effects from the medications can be far worse than the original headache in Wichita.  You can even develop rebound headaches if you are frequently taking these medications.  When these pain relievers wear off, your body may have a withdrawal reaction, which can lead to another headache.
  3. Headaches Go Away on their Own
    Headaches can be caused by a structural issue within the neck called a cervicogenic headache.  This is why chiropractic has been shown to have great results treating headaches since they specialize in treating the neck.  When the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons or cervical discs get damaged in your neck, they can manifest themselves as a headache.  These structures can become damaged from injuries or repetitive traumas such as poor posture.  If you don’t fix the structural issue in the neck, then the headaches can keep coming back and often continue to get worse.

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