Six Steps To Repairing IT Band Syndrome in Wichita (And Preventing It From Happening Again)

Six Steps To Repairing IT Band Syndrome in Wichita (And Preventing It From Happening Again)

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Are you getting pain on the outside of your knee in Wichita when you run or exercise in Wichita?  You may have a condition called, Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS).  ITBS is one of the most common overuse injuries in runners.  The iliotibial band is the tendon and connective tissue that runs on the outside of your thigh down to your knee.  With strenuous exercise, like running, it can become inflamed and cause lateral knee pain.  Here are some tips you can use to resolve your issue with ITBS:

3 At Home Tips for Iliotibial Band Syndrome

  1. Rest - Since this is commonly an overuse injury, it is important to refrain or stop the activities that aggravate the IT band so it can heal.
  2. Ice- Icing the outside of your knee will help reduce inflammation and allow the iliotibial band to heal quicker and be less painful.  Ice for 20 minutes and then remove the ice for an hour. Rinse and repeat.
  3. Mobilize - You can use a foam roller to mobilize the iliotibial band.  Simply lay on your side with a foam roller between your outer thigh and the floor. Push your body back in forth so the foam roller rolls over your outer thigh down to your knee.  Do this for 2-3 minutes, 2-3 times per day. This can be very tender at first so make sure to use minimal pressure at first.

If these things haven’t resolved your ITBS, then it may be time to seek out a chiropractor.  At Optimal Wellness in Wichita have great results treating ITBS in our office by doing these three things:

3 Ways We Treat Iliotibial Band Syndrome in Our Office

  1. Chiropractic Adjustments - Have you ever been told or noticed one leg is longer or shorter than the other?  This is very common when you have misalignments or imbalances in the pelvis.  Adjustments to the pelvis can correct the imbalances that cause additional stress on your legs and thus cause ITBS.
  2. Massage Therapy - A massage therapist can use their hands to break up adhesions and restrictions to provide greater mobility in the IT band.
  3. Ultrasound - Using therapeutic sound waves, ultrasound can reduce pain and swelling. This will help the IT band heal quicker.

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